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    Which Printer Is Best For Me? Please Suggest Me

    Hi. all. I'm new to the forum. I have a project that I started many years ago and have now decided to finish it as the advent of 3D printing will greatly reduce the build time for the many hundreds of components still to build. The project is a 30 foot scale model of the TITANIC Steamship. I am hoping to build the cranes ....Fittings... Portholes.....and many other components including the Lifeboats using 3D printing.I am looking for advice as to which low priced printer may be the most reliable to achieve the job. I have used a Lifeboat as a guide to printer size needed to create the largest and most difficult parts. The Lifeboats are approx 12 inches long and I'm thinking they would need to be printed vertically to produce the basically U shaped hull. Problem is I have read some reviews re. some printers that apparently are not good at tall structures. I have looked at the JG aurora A5S and the AnyCubic Mega X printers both of which I really like the look of. But even those two get a few bad reviews so it is becoming quite daunting to get the best information as to the best overall choice. omege I first thought it would be better to have a direct drive unit as I have had lots of trouble with the Anet A 8 I now have. chatiw The extruder and hot end are pretty poor I have found and I'm getting some better parts to improve that machine. but I will need a greater capacity machine for the larger components of the Ship. However I think both the machines I'm looking at have Bowden extruders so wondering if they will be reliable enough for the many parts I will be making. I'm a pensioner so Price is an issue. $500 Australian is about my limit as far as budget goes. If anyone here has any ideas of the best way to go I would very much appreciate your feedback..Regards to all....Ronnie.

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    UMaine Composite Center 3D Printed a 2 ton boat here, here, looking at any 30 foot boat you would be printing forever
    on any of the 3D Printers you have mentioned.

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    Holy! 30ft! That's going to take a long, long, long, long time on a standard 3D printer. If you have that time and patience it's do able. It's just going to take a really long time and you're going to need some big and reliable printers.

    I have an Artillery SideWinder and I would highly recommend it as it is a work horse!

    I also have an Anycubic Mega X which I love because of the buildplate and it's surprisingly good detail on my 3d printed parts (without much effort)I posted whole review on Anycubic in this post here:

    As far as Artillery goes, It's a good investment just make sure the buildpate is properly leveled. It's huge, It can run nonstop, it's direct drive, and it's good quality. I used mine to print a life sized Robocop statue (I have 95% of my parts printed, Most of those parts where done on the Artillery and the rest where done on my Anycubic Mega (when it still worked, check out the link I posted for context/more info) that way I could print the parts in bigger chunks that way there way less gluing and plastic welding for me) The parts came out nice, just needed some sanding. What I'm saying is that the printer was reliable (although I did run into some issues, Don't expect a perfect print every time. That goes for every printer.) because I ran that thing non-stop to pump out those parts before my summer's end (still have to sand, paint and assemble most of them though....I really should get around to doing that).

    Anyways, hope this helps, and good luck with your project. You definitely have to post pic's when it's done because that sounds like it's gonna be impressive!

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