Recently I upgraded my extruder setup on my Flash Forge Creator Pro 2016. I went with one of the Micro Swiss dual extruder setups. As well as one of their all Metal Hotends (Heatbreak/Throat and nozzles). Upon installing them I've had severe issues leveling my bed, cuz the nozzles sit too low now. If I push the heatbreak further up into the cold block, well then I cant mount the extruder motors themselves anymore cuz it pushes them up out of the way of the mounting holes. I included a pic to help illustrate said dilemma.


If I adjust the throats so I that I am able to mount the motors and get everything back together, then the nozzles basically sit right on the damn plate no matter how I adjust the plate springs. So basically I don't know what I should do. Admit defeat and put everything back to stock, or hopefully find an answer on here that will save me *fingers crossed*