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    Copy Basic Configurations to expert mode?

    Greetings Folks, Using flashprint 5 - Is there any way to copy or replicate the basic mode configuration settings into the expert mode panel? For example - I would like to make an exact copy of say the Basic modes: "PLA Standard" But make some tweaks to the configuration, such as enable/disable raft, modify a bit on the support settings, etc.. The reason being - I have been playing around with PETG filament (amazon basics black) on my Creator 2 Pro. I have been using expert mode and using various settings folks have suggested work well with the creator pro.. with somewhat decent success. The other day, I went to print a model using my left spool of PLA, and simply used the basic mode "PLA Standard" configuration setting, I however forgot to select the proper nozzle, so the printer began printing the model using my spool of PETG Filament but using the basic mode "PLA Standard" configuration. (210/40 temps). I am somewhat embarrassed to admit it, but the print is one one of the nicests prints I have done on this printer - no stringing, blobs, weird layer artifacts, nothing, a nearly perfect print!. So, I would like to be able to make an exact copy of the basic mode built in: "PLA Standard" configuration, but have the ability to edit it a (small!) bit.-thank!-t
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