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    Question Hello all, Do you recognise this printer

    Hi everyone, I picked up this printer from Facebook Marketplace in the state you see it.
    I am new to 3D printing so on a steep learning curve.
    I am trying to get any info I can on this printer, any help would be appreciated.

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    On the plus side, the frame looks beast!
    On the downside, it's pretty likely you're going to need to do the electronics from scratch.
    In terms of what it is, it's some sort of Prusa i3 clone. I'd start with a Geetech i3 to give an reasonable parallel.

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    no man image quality is not good

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    Martin_au you found it, The Geeetech Aluminium Prusa I3 3D is the same unit.
    Thanks heaps, I now have a starting point.

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    wow - starting point is right !

    Good luck !

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    I have made some progress using Geeetechs assembly videos on Youtube. From the installation videos, the Z steppers should have a short shaft and coupler and then the worm rod. I don't know if I have an early version of their I3 Aluminum printer or Z steppers are from a different printer. Not sure how to progress at this point, any advice would be appreciated.


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    Looks like integrated steppers + lead screws. I prefer them. Less bits to come loose. Just treat the combined stepper+leadscrew as though it were a stepper with short shaft, coupler and leadscrw.

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