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    Would 3D printing a functional model car be possible?

    Hi all,

    I'm new to 3D printing and this forum so excuse me if this is a stupid question and if I've posted it in the wrong section, but,

    I am planning on 3D printing a detailed 1/24 scale model car with functional wheels, doors (including bonnet and trunk), and a detailed interior. I was wondering if it were possible to do this (I'm thinking the interior and exterior can be two separate parts that can be glued or screwed together after printing, and that the wheels will also be separete). Also I was thinking of using either ABS or Aluminium, would these be a good option?

    I can 3D model pretty decently, so that's not an issue, but my lack of 3D printing knowledge could be.

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    Depending on a part’s design and complexity, 3D printing can print objects within hours, which is much faster than moulded or machined parts. It is not only the manufacture of the part that can offer time savings through 3D printing but also the design process can be very quick by creating STL or CAD files ready to be printed. I used review here

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    I have plan to buy new printer too

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