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    Cura 0% flow half way

    Hi guys, I've tried diferent configurations and diferent models. As you can see in the picture, cura reduces the flow of the printer to 0% at the top half of the pieces, no matter if the pieces are 20mm or 80mm tall.I've tried to add supports, tried more layers, less layers, layer thickness, layer height... any clue??I've also tried to reset cura to defaults, but still.My printer is using a 1mm nozzle and pla+ filament.
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    it looks like the darkest part is printing ar around 5mm/s.
    0% is a blue so dark it's practically black.

    To change how fast it prints, you need to change the speed of the various areas of the print.

    Also bear in mind that slicers always massively reduce the printspeed of layers that take - on average - 10 -20 seconds or less.
    Miy threshhold is generally set at 15 seconds.

    But looking at that picture - it should print perfectly well. Just fairly slowly.

    Not knowing how large the item is, I can't say exactly why the top part is printing so slow.
    But then as your top speed is only 32mm/s - slow is relative.
    That's a real slow print anyway.

    And a1mm nozzle is huge for a standard desktop machine.

    What printer is it ?
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    It's a ender 3v2 with a 1mm nozzle cause I only print big parts and I don't really care about quality. The image is not about speed, is about flow. Those 32mm2/s are the layer height. The print is set to 60 or 80mm/s I don't really remember. The problem with flow is that the clear blue has a really low plastic flow, looks like just stringing. And the dark blue is near 0% flow wich means, print head still moves at 60/80mm/s but plastic doesn't extrude. I kind of fixed using a draft shield, but I think is a total waste of filament. So still a problem.

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