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    Built in a cave, from a box of scraps. :D

    The local makerspace has had a lack of 3D printers. However, they did have an old Velleman K8200. I had a bunch of spare parts from a Tron X5A, and a couple of the other members had a few random bits and pieces from their 3D printers.

    Together we combined all our parts to come up with this thing. It's called Frank (as in Frankenstein). It uses:
    The frame and rods/bearings of the K8200
    A cloned Titan and spare cloned E3D v6
    A MKS Gen-L V1 with 2209's and a random DVR8825
    A 24V heatbed from the X5SA
    The 360W power supply from the X5SA
    A Prusa Pinda probe
    A few steppers from the K8200 and one from the X5SA
    Belts from the X5SA
    A powdercoated PEI flex bed (still waiting for it to arrive).

    A bunch of 3D printed bits and pieces to get everything to work, mostly derived from Prusa designs.

    Firmware is Marlin, with sensorless homing in X and Y, linear advance, automatic bed levelling (G34) and unified bed levelling.

    Build volume is ~300x300x270mm
    Total cost - bunch of random spare parts and a PEI build sheet.

    The original machine


    Cable runs

    Not a bad first benchy. Touch more retraction and we'll be good.

    Pretty messy cable bay. No real options there with all the jumpers required to get sensorless and UART working. Might trim a few cables to tidy things up a bit. This is still only at the initial "getting things working" stage.

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    Seems you deleted your post Autowiz, but I'll still respond to your queries in case anyone else is interested.

    I replaced the clone titan on my machine because my machine is setup as a workhorse, and is expected to (and has) run through thousands of meters of filament. This is not expected of the Makerspace machines, which need to be relatively easy to use, but also aren't expected to face that sort of workload. More importantly, for me, downtime with a bad extruder can be a problem, whereas for the Makerspace, fixing a problem with an extruder is just an interesting project for someone to dabble with.

    Not sure why you think I need the SKR 1.3 to run the latest version of Marlin. The MKS Gen-L is doing that fine. The SKR1.3 may be $18US for you, but over here it's $60AUD. As it doesn't offer any major benefits over the MKS Gen-L, then I can't see a reason to spend money on it. However, if you'd like to grab one and donate it to our Makerspace I'd be happy to update the board. Chuck in a spare 2209 as well and I'll get rid of the rogue DVR8825.

    I've attached a photo of the "hobbed gear" from the K8200's Wades extruder. As you can see, it doesn't offer any advantage over the clone titan's. The Wade was never an option anyway as:
    • It's a huge extruder and would eat into the build space, as well as be heavier than I'd want on the (relatively lightly built) x-axis.
    • If something does go wrong with the extruder, then replacing the cloned titan is a very simple fix. They are cheap and parts are very easily available.
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    good use of spare parts :-)

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    That's a Bold claim there, CA.

    But now Martin has 2 custom printers in his stables.

    So what slicer(s) are you running there? And what version of Marlin? Why don't you kick off the thread I just started that CA named in a prophecy many moons before the creation of that thread?

    Go find something to print on thingiverse, or Yeggi, or somewhere anybody can easily find and download it. share a link to the file in your post along with a picture of your print and maybe screenshots of your slicer's settings and your Marlin's movement settings so anybody else can try to honestly duplicate what you just printed. To promote honest and positive discussion about the differences we achieved and why and how to correct the little problems in our prints.

    It should be a fun thread. If we can just keep the friction out of it.

    ...and the benchy's. NO BENCHY'S! Find something else. Should work our printers or display problems they are having or reveal a area of common problems we have overcome. Your benchy looked fine and I am not slamming it. It has just been done to death and I do not think it will captivate anybody's interest in a comparison or discussion thread for tuning purposes. We need to do better. Find things to make each other tune on our machines to achieve what others are doing.

    So CA foresaw these events in the book of 'My 3 Color Mixing Printer', chapter 13, verse 129. I started the thread as was foretold in the great long ago. Last month. And now Martin it is up to you to fulfill this prophecy and post up some material for all of us to pray over and, if we must, attempt to exercise the demons out of it as we pass the collection plate around.

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    1 custom printer, and a pair of (reasonably) modified Prusas. Frank has been sent to the Makerspace as the build is pretty well done. Just needs a few firmware tweaks when the new build plate arrives.

    I'll post some stuff in the other thread, but will be next week before I can do any printing.

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