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    How do I manage my money properly?

    A lot of money from my salary goes to taxes. The rest goes for household needs. There is practically no money left over. I do not know how to spend and save it properly.

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    I would suggest you give a call to afterpay phone number. They provide a decent financial services for millions of people for the decades now and for sure they can give you a good advice. What about your savings account? Do you have one anyway?
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    Unfortunately the more you work the more taxes you pay. I have only one way out of this situation. It is to create your own business. Because there are a lot of different benefits. You can write off certain things as a business expense. I learned a lot by doing the best life coach certification. I decided to take these courses a long time ago. When I was just starting to set up my own business. And I still use the advice that my trainers gave me. I understand in advance what kind of salary I will get. And I try to manage the money as wisely as possible. Something for taxes. Something for myself. You think about creating something.

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