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    Halloween 3D Printing Ideas

    Halloween is not just about scary, it is time to show off your creativity. You can make the day spooky with the Halloween 3D printing ideas. some of the 3D prints may freeze you and some others might throw you into laughter.There are many amazing Halloween 3D printing projects to choose from

    Geared pumpkin
    Frankenstein light switch plate
    Double barrel candy corn launcher
    Halloween cookie cutters
    Mini snap-together Minecraft jack-o-lantern
    Articulated skeleton friends
    Controllable eyeball
    Halloween jack-o-lantern LED tea lights
    Ghostbusters ghost trap
    Pumpkin Megapod
    Spider pumpkin transformer
    Halloween horror movie lithophane
    Animated crow

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    those are all on thingiverse.

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    Stake and 1/4 NC knob for spot light, screw in mounting plate, bearing holder for flying bat. Buck regulator box with cover, buss terminal, gell holder, lamp hood.. all these I completed the other day;
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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    those are all on thingiverse.
    Yes, It is a very good resource for new ideas and also useful to beginners as well as advanced creators.
    I'm gonna try this
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    Interesting... Now all I have to do is find someone to do it

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    Thanks a lot for your idea
    I will have a whale of time with it!
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