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    Quality steroids are a myth?

    I recently started playing sports. Of course I want to see results immediately, but I don't think it's possible. Now I actively work out at the gym and eat right. My trainer says if I want to see results quickly I can take supplements. What do you think about it? As for me I think that now there are no quality steroids which will not harm health

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    Of course, you will never get results right away so you need to train harder etc. Some people use steroids instead of trying to do everything on their own to get quicker results.

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    Nowadays, even the food is not of good quality and sometimes it is dangerous to eat fruit from the supermarket. As for steroids or anabolics for muscle growth, you need to consult a sports doctor and clarify everything you are interested in. I've never taken steroids but my drg does it regularly. He orders it here and they ship it across America very quickly.

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