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    Frustrated Newbie

    A frustrated newbie so not even sure i am in the right place. Tried a few other forums with no luck. Looking for any help and support. trying to print on the Mars 2 Pro with Elegoo washable red. printed twice now and the same blob has appeared. Exposure time is 3s, lifts distance of 5mm, lift speed of 70mm, retract speed of 140mm light off delay 0. again any suggestion are pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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    well the obvious: have you run the original file through meshmixer to check it's not a problem with the file ?

    Also, no real clue where the 'blob' is on the picture, so a couple of better pictures might help.

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    I'm also printing on the Elegoo Mars 2 PRO and I've had some printing issues of my own, but, just by looking at your picture, it looks as though your model orientation is too flat which results in a greater amount of 'Peel Force', which in turn, pulls the print off the plate. Now, I'm no expert at all but it's 100% hard to tell just by looking at the image you have uploaded. When you orientate your model in Chitubox do you use the auto support setting? Also, you could try to increase your exposure time a little to help the resin form more of a stronger layer during print. Check out '3DPrintingPro' over on YouTube, he does loads of helpful tutorials and also shows you how to set up up your support settings to get better prints without causing too much surface damage. Hope this helps and you manage to sort your issue mate?

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