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    Flashprint 5 - newbe

    I installed flshprint today, version 5 (awful) and was doing some searching on youtube and saw a post that was this year but the version was not the same. Looked MUCH nicer so, did some digging. Found that the early version (4.6 and prior) was so much better and informative. Whats the deal with this version 5 being so stripped down?

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    no idea I'm using 4.6.4

    It could simply be that it's running in 'idiot' mode (simple)
    Try setting it to run in 'not-an-idiot' mode (advanced).

    Pretty sure it hasn't asked me if i want to update recently.
    So maybe 5 is aimed at some of the newer machines specifically ?

    Or it could just be in idiot mode.
    Flashprint is my second favourite slicer - so can;t see why they'd bugger it up. never have in the past.

    I#ll go see if i can find it.

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    Flashforge FlashPrint 5 is newly revised and upgraded. Through new interface design and function optimization, the operation is simple and convenient. The slicing file will be prepared by just a few clicks with fast, efficient, and smooth operation.
    Hmm, sounds like it might be locked into idiot mode.
    okay now I have to try it lol

    You can switch to 'not-an-idiot' mode when you go into the slicing options.

    Other than moving the tool bar from the left of the screen to the right and making the slicer settings harder to find. It's pretty much the same.
    But it does have a lot more printers listed when you install than 4.6.4 - so if you;ve bought a new printer you'll probably need to use 5.

    If you just use it for a replicator clone, like me - then stick to 4.6.4

    Okay cancel that.
    aftre a brief perusal there are atwo new and important additions to 5 that you don't have in 4.

    They've FINALLY added a z-axis height offset.
    And also added a feature i only learned of on wednesday at tct.

    Basically the printer retracts the filament and then goes over the top layer with the nozzle heated but no filament.
    essentially it heat smooths the top layer.

    Pretty cool really :-)

    So on that basis I'd say get used to the new layout and just make sure you switch to 'advanced' mode when you go into the slicing settings.

    Ironing is in the 'advanced' section and z-offset is in the 'other' section.

    My main issue with 5 is that you don't seem to be able to import existing profiles :-(
    and I've got quite a few of those.

    I'll keep playing - but, yeah it's just had the menus moved around by some idiot that likes cura and doesn't like flashforge customers :-)

    But the functionaluty is still there and the z-offset is a really important addition.
    Saves a Lot of bed calibration.

    Not sure I'll use 'ironing' on a regular basis - but it's something new to play with, and that's never a bad thing :-)
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    Now that I looked a bit deeper at version 5, it has everything 4.6 has but, I do prefer the interface of 4.6. Anyone know if you can change the black background to any other color?

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    Yeah it's not a great colour scheme.

    You can install both 4.6 and 5 and use whichever you prefer for that particular print or printer.

    But there is no way to change the colour scheme yet.

    Give them their due, flashforge do update on a regular basis.

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