My friend is attempting to print a file of a spoked wheel in 1/24 scale and we're having trouble with distortion. The designer has printed this on his 3D printer using Elegoo green resin without any problems. You can see from this photo that the spokes are thin, straight, and free of distortion.


Here's an image of the wheel as prepared for printing with support on the wheel hub.


My friend has oriented his print as above with the same or similar supports (supporting hub). He is using an Elegoo Saturn with washable resin. For some reason his prints seem to have thicker spokes, and distortion in the spokes. They are not all straight. As you can see in this photo they are more distorted at the middle and bottom of the wheel than at the top. More so at the bottom of the wheel.


I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on why this is happening. Is this a resin type issue? A printer issue? Any thoughts are appreciated.
Thank you