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    Exclamation BLTouch issues on SKR board

    Hello all.

    I'm wondering if any of you guys can help me with this nightmare problem?

    Trying to get my Creality BLTouch 3.1 Smart working with the SKR 2 board (based on 1.4 Turbo) with same connections. Tech support have no clue how to fix this, and even sent me another board to try, but same problem exists.

    1st board shuts power off immediately when BLTouch is connected to correct ports - SERVO & PROBE.

    2nd board does not shut off, but burns out the probe instantly (yup, up in smoke!). Why there are 2 separate results is beyond me?, as both are the exact same board.

    Wiring is as follows, according to guide:

    SERVO - (left to right) - G/+5v/SIG is board pin out - BLTOUCH 3pin is BLUE/RED/YELLOW (left to right) - 4.95v measured on +5v line with meter, 0.24v on SIG line.
    PROBE - (left to right) - G/SIG is board pin out - BL TOUCH 2pin is BLACK/WHITE (left to right) - 3.3v measured on SIG line (which I find strange?).

    Now, there is no way to know for sure where this wiring is going on the BLTouch unit itself, as there are no pin markings on the device, which doesn't help one little bit. Irritating! A lot of posts on the interweb regarding confusion of colours, reversed wiring on different units etc, does not help either.

    Anyone with any experience on this matter, or clever enough to sort this out for me? I would be forever grateful

    Thanking you kindly.

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    Switched wiring as per my multi-meter findings, all up in smoke lol Seriously, do not buy an SKR 2. This thing puts 3.3v through 'signal lines'? WTF!!!?? And before you ask, yes, its got the replaced mosfet chip (both) that was burning out steppers

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    All sorted

    White/Black/Yellow (Servo) - Red/Blue (Probe) (left to right) - for 32bit board.

    No need to rush in and help

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