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    Printing Core for Epoxy Castings

    I've searched but haven't found this application. I'm casting an Aluminum Epoxy material in a cast aluminum host. I want to 3D print a core such that when the epoxy cures, I can dissolve the core by soaking in some sort of liquid. Removing the core mechanically will not be possible, the core material must be completely removed from the finished part. Materials: I've tried PLA and although it softens with Acetone, it doesn't dissolve enough to rinse out of the cavity completely. I'm considering a water soluble filament but use it for the complete print, not just support structure. Is that even possible? Also, it would be nice if the filament material doesn't stick to epoxy but there are release agents to address that. Any help, comments, suggestions greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, S.

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    abs dissolves in acetone.
    pla dissolves in - I believe - lemonene.

    But abs will definitely fully dissolve in acetone.

    Just make sure you get a cheap and nasty, bog standard, no frills, nothing added abs.
    The natural or clear abs - dissolves exceptionally well.
    It's what i used to use to make abs paint for printing abs and mixing with carbon black to make a conductive paint fpr electro plating.

    Anything that says: abs plus or abs +, will have something else added to it that may not be soluble in acetone.

    Well that's weird - seems to be a definite shortage of ans around. What i can find is either stupidly expensive or obviously not just abs.

    And at the opposite extreme - the cheapest I've ever seen it, but no transparent:

    here's one:

    It does depend on whether or not colour is an issue. Which is one reason I usually use transparent abs for anything involving acetone as it won't colour anything and can thus be used for anything - no matter the colour of the thing you're applying it to :-)
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    Thanks for the response. Yea, I've tried acetone on my ABS filament and although it softens somewhat it's not dissolving....been soaking for an hour or more. Likely some other additives in the ABS not disclosed. I've ordered some PVA that is supposed to be water soluble. We'll see. Thanks again, S.

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    yeah, like is aid you need transparent abs and te cheapest you can find :-)

    I last used abs about 7 - 8 years ago, and i know the formulations have changed considerably since then.
    It used to dissolve really easily.

    Soluble pvs is good stuff - just remember to kepp it in a sealed bag with desiccant between prints.

    Depends where you are I suppose. In the uk at the moment it's 30c and bone dry.
    Unfortuneatly not so in germany and much of europe.

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    PVA did the trick! Link below prints well and dissolves in water, in less than thirty minutes it falls out with only light brushing. Thanks for the time.

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