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    What is UV printing?

    What is UV printing?
    UV printing is a technology that directly sprays UV ink, so the surface of the object to be printed. Then the ink will be dried immediately by UV LED or UV Mercury fuser.
    There are 2 types of UV printing which are:
    Flat UV printing: Printing on all flat materials: Mica, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, corrugated iron, ceramic tiles, decan (flat), …
    UV printing roll: printing canvas, decan, pp, 3m tarpaulin, ribbed tarpaulin, ...
    Highlights of UV printing technology
    Color quality: Bright colors, beautiful gloss, color fastness should be up to 10 years
    Ink thickness: Ink has a thickness that gives the impression of 3D printing ink. Ink thickness is adjustable. This is different from regular printing.
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    I liked this article, gave a really good introduction to UV printing. The author explained what is it and it's used in a simple way. I liked the writing style a lot, a good writing skills. Good work. Keep writing.

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