I had a sample of asa filament that i picked up at one of other of the tct shows.
Figured today I'd try it out.

This was a loosed roll approx 10 metres.

I found an empty filament spool to wind it on to.
I removed the shrinkwrap, I cut the cable ties holding it in place.
I grabbed the free end.
And then I made the mistake !
I dropped the rest of the filament on the floor.

An hour later, I finally got it untangled and wound onto the spool.

Fortunately there is a lot of crap/junk/stuff in my workshop. So after about 30 minutes of struggling with ten metres of self tangling plastic string, I had an idea.
I tied one end to a metal thing at one end of the workshop and then proceeded to wrap it around various other things in my workshop untangling as i went.
I know it's 10 metres - because I was on my third lap of the workshop when I finally undid the last tangle :-)

So if you have a loose roll of filament - NEVER EVER, Drop it on the floor !

On the plus side it doesn't seem to smell.

Now just got to figure settings out, lol