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    Large scale volume 3D printer kit?Please help!

    I am shopping for a large scale 3D printer, around 18 inches by 18 inches by 22 and up inches,and a price tag between 2000 to 2600 USD.The only two manufacturer that I found is G create(The G MAX 1.5) and Cultivate3D(The beast).I considered the The G Max 1.5,seem to be a great value and quality product,but it's just a little pricy for my budget,do you have other suggestion? Thank you!
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    The G MAX 1.5 is a great 3D printer, I can't say anything about the price, but I think it's worth the money. Unfortunately, I don't know other good 3d printers with such abudget.

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    well the gmax is a good machine.
    let me convert into real numbers: 460x460x560mm

    yeah that's a big beast alright.

    At your budget level - you will struggle.

    forget the create3d beast - they don't make it any more and now make a machine called 'the elevator'.
    It's a lot bigger and at around $2800 for the 'naked' version- a really good buy.
    1000x660x500 Build Volume Standard
    Also has some kind of hybrid dual extrusion system.

    Given that the gmax 2 is now pretty much discontinued and being sold off at $3495.
    Plus is an I3 with an non-braced z-gantry.
    I'd say it's a no brainer.

    The create3d elevator. Is the larger print volume, the more stable looking print platform and only marginally over budget and has some weird kind of dual or multi extrusion setup as well.
    If you want an enclosure - make your own. Plywood or acrylic work well and are cheap.

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    They offer a 500mm version.

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