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    children and study

    Recently, the world has been developing very rapidly and so many things appear. What knowledge to give your child first? How to do so that he would not be bored? We need your advice.

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    As for me, first of all, you need to develop the child, understand what is interesting to him and, of course, develop him. As for me, I think you will agree with me that memory is very important, you can develop it with the help of a kickstarter project that has proven itself well, he offers to develop children with the help of VR games, which is very cool for me.

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    If you want to give your child a good future, he should study to be a doctor.

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    Being a doctor is a very useful and profitable job in a modern world. COVID 19 pandemic is a true evidence to this. But you need to understand that getting a degree in medicine is not an easy path to follow, since you need to spend at least 9 years studying theory. But only then you will get knowledge in practice. There are a lot of guides, where you can learn about the path in medicine. For example, Ultimate Guide to Caribbean medical schools is a very good source if you are thinking about becoming a doctor.
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    spend more time with your child, read and play together

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    What are you! You can't even imagine how lucky you really are! After all, this is like a small experiment carried out by you - and here you can make any sample of subjects. For example, you can research how many people of what temperament are taught in your group. To do this, simply conduct a temperament test on each classmate, and then read the percentage. Very simple and curious. And you can do this with any topic that is close to you

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