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    Cricut Explore, For Crafters

    First I'd start by saying this isn't really a 3D printer per se, but functions on the same base technology. The Cricut Explore is a device that is marketed towards the DIY and crafting community. It can etch, print, cut, and more:

    It blends an electronic cutting machine with Cricut Design Space™, the free online design software, to help you make polished DIY projects. Create by using the hundreds of ready-to-make projects, the 50,000+ images from the Cricut® library or by uploading your own images. You can even use the Cricut® cartridges you already own!
    They have all different kinds of materials you can buy from their site ranging from 99 cents to $49. Check out the promo video for the Cricut Explore below:

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    Somebody's wife is in to Scrapbooking!


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    Pretty cool. How about making one that combines 3D printing into the mix too?

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    Very nice. I just had a vinyl sticker made to order at a flea market.

    Hello, cottage industries!

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    Anyone who has been in this world for a long time knows the magic that the Cricut machine can do. From the most complex cuts to getting the most out of the iron in the workplace, this machine does not disappoint. In fact, there are several models of Cricut machines to choose from for every crafting purpose.

    While you have a great selection, it's not easy to compare Cricut engines and decide which one to choose. On the other hand, checking hundreds of Cricut engine reviews and offers on an ecommerce site is too much of a hassle. We are happy to offer something special; Best deals on Cricut Machine so you don't have to wait for Black Friday or Cyber ??Monday.

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    Or you could get something with a lot more 'grunt'

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