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    Question 3D Printing of dynamic QR codes for tags/Badges

    I have a need to be able to print QR codes on tags/badges dynamically, meaning that the QR Code would be different for each run. Each of the tags/badges will have a different URL on them that will be represented by the QR Code. I'm hoping, also, that the code can also be in a different color than the base of the tag/badge.I will need an API whereby I can order them programatically and have them shipped to me.Need availability and cost for this service.The size of the tags/badges whould be approx 2"x3"
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    Ok, that's interesting. Can you share a finished product? How it looks, cost, details in general please

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    Don't really have one at this point.

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    I would love to see a real picture. If you have a 3D printer, you are able to create many amazing things. I am a fan of making stuff on my own, so a printer like this would be really helpful. I know that these things are pretty expensive, so hopefully, I will be able to afford one after a few years. My dream is to have enough of them in order to create any kind of models on a lanyard. There are companies like which are offering you this possibility, of making everything custom, but there isn't one in my city.
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    you njust need a bog standard label printing company.
    You can get a free phone app that generates the 3d barcodes.
    Not sure where you problem is or what it has to do with actual 3d printing.

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    @Makayla, I will post an image of what I need later.

    @curious aardvark,
    This is for 3D printed TAGS that can be put on anything. They will have a QR code that, when scanned, would lead the user to a particular website.

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    @Majkayla, something like this:

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