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    Where can I spend my bitcoins?

    Where can I spend my bitcoins?
    The thing is that most of my savings are stored in bitcoin wallets. I would like not to convert them into a cash equivalent and use bitcoin.

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    Let the money lie in bitcoin and grow all the time, than you convert it to dollars and lose a lot on it. Plus don't forget that there's a fee for the transfer, so it doesn't make sense.
    If you really don't know what to spend your bitcoins on, then give them to me, I know where to spend them. But seriously, you can spend all your money on Finish site here . And maybe you can win, maybe luck is on your side.
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    That makes sense! Thanks for your help, it really helped me understand what a casino is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NTSM999 View Post
    That makes sense! Thanks for your help, it really helped me understand what a casino is.
    I've spent a lot of time playing games before. now I can raise money on this. I don't know about you, but in warcraft or other games I could not earn money, that is, this time was wasted. now I only play and I don't think it's bad

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