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    pid tuning failed on tronxy x5sa pro

    hi, i made pid tuning for the extruder
    SENDING:M303 E0 S200 C8
    // bias:108 d:108 Ku: 21.402323 Tu:36.000000
    // Kp: 12.841393 Ki:0.713411 Kd:57.786270
    // bias:108 d:108 Ku: 20.993881 Tu:36.806000
    // Kp: 12.596329 Ki:0.684471 Kd:57.952560
    // bias:109 d:109 Ku: 21.188269 Tu:36.405998
    // Kp: 12.712961 Ki:0.698399 Kd:57.853504
    // bias:109 d:109 Ku: 21.433683 Tu:36.006001
    // Kp: 12.860210 Ki:0.714337 Kd:57.880592
    // bias:107 d:107 Ku: 21.454586 Tu:36.006001
    // Kp: 12.872751 Ki:0.715034 Kd:57.937035
    //PID Autotune finished!
    ok N:9
    >>> M301 P12.87 I0.72 D57.93
    SENDING:M301 P12.87 I0.72 D57.93
    //orig:P:12.872751 I:0.715034 D:57.937035
    //current:P:12.870000 I:0.720000 D:57.929996
    ok N:9
    >>> M500
    ok N:9

    but the temperature still not stable with
    fluctuations of +/-5 grades

    How can i fix?

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    well the thing about pid tuning is that it doesn't work that well.

    I made the mistake of trying different firmwares recenty.
    And once going back to the original - my temperatures are all over the place.

    But because they change so quickly - the heatblock and nozzle seesm to maintain a stable temps.
    5c + and - minus is oretty good.

    Also you need to run the pid process several times.

    Apparently it improves slightly each time you run it.

    It's a bloody awful system and I don't really understand why it's so unreliable.

    But try running it a few more times - set it aftyer each time. And then do it again.
    The temperature swing should improve each time.

    My sapphire pro 2 is the only printer I've ever needed to do pid tuning on.
    All the others have just worked and never needed any tuning.

    At the moment I'm reading up on what the different values mean - I figure that way I can work out better how to change them and fine tune the system manually.

    Oh yeah don't forget to run the part cooling fan at 100% during the pid tuning.
    Apparently it improves things.

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    Are you running Marlin firmware, Chitu (stock), or something else?

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    i'm using Chitu stock firmware.. Maybe that is Marlin better?this is retraction test... very bad
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    Ahhh. Use m8500 to save the results on chitu firmware.

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    ok. M8500 not M500.. Are other commands unchanged?

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    I think the rest are ok. Did you check out the facebook document?

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    The fb page is a null page. I tried with M8500 but after a series of error printer beeps............................................. .step_num 990010 > 0xffff#########E 509 Error!!!step_num 993904 > 0xffff#########E 510 Error!!!step_num 997805 > 0xffff#########E 511 Error!!!step_num 1001715 > 0xffffok N:0. but nothing changed This tronxy has problems only... I begin to hate it. I made a big mistake in preferring it to sapphire plus for a little bit better big volume...
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    Here’s a copy of the fb page info
    PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) is the control algorithm the printers use for holding temperature. The parameters for this algorithm control how fast the printer reaches the set temperature and how well it holds that temperature once it gets there.
    how to:
    Connect to your printer via Octoprint / Prontoface.
    In the terminal send:
    M303 E0 S220 C8 “enter”
    M303 is the code for Pid-auto tune / E0 is your hotend - S220 is the temp you want to calibrate for - C8 is the number of passes (here its 8)
    Now let it run-
    After its done the terminal will give you your new KP-KI-KD values.
    In my case :

    Recv: // Kp: 15.926294 Ki:1.020720 Kd:62.124493
    Recv: //PID Autotune finished!
    Recv: ok N:202
    Now to set the new PID
    In the terminal type:
    M301 P15.926294 I1.020720 D62.124493 (Use your own KP - KI -KD values)
    Check its set by entering:
    Finish by saving
    M8500 (here Octoprint writes some errors and your printer beeps) ***
    But your new PID has been savend to the eeprom.
    Now reboot your printer and have fun printing
    ***The M8500 is used to save on Chitu boards, if you are running Marlin the save code is M500

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    she had probably saved him then. however I created a gcode with the m301 and m8500 command and I sent it to print .. now the temperature seems to have improved .. the variations remain +/- 2 now. I took the retraction test. has improved but the lines remain. How can i enable retraction in firmware?

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