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    Raise3D pro2 printing problems

    Good morning all

    I have a Rasie3D Pro2 printer at work and mostly its been ok lately I have been experiencing a characteristic that I can stop happening every time.

    The top layer is a good finish and parallel with no gaps but seems to be 0.1mm lower than the outer perimeter shells and any internal shells with a smooth transition.

    Please see the attached jpeg that shows an exaggerated picture of the part when looking from the end if it was cut in half

    Ive been using the various in built templates in the printer and it happens if its PLA or ABS

    Any help or suggested solutions or reasons would be appreciated



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    what slicer are you using ?

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    Sorry ideaMaker

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    check your infill speed settigs and the perimiter speed settings.
    Set them both the same and see if that makes any difference.

    Also try changing to a single perimeter outline.

    The difference between perimeters and infill is the first thing that springs to mind.

    Also what temp and speed are you printing at ?

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    Thanks for your help, getting more logic from you in 5mins than I have after several days off the people we bought the printer off.Inner shell 40mm/sOuter shell 25mm/sInfill speed 80mm/stop infill speed 60mm/stemp 205 centthese are all default settingsRegards to the single perimeter outline is this just to test ? as I need multiple shell for strengththanks again
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    Also what kind of infill are you using and what %? How tall are the things you are printing? If you monitor the print as it goes, can you see the height of the infill lagging behind the height of the shell? I think that is the idea with changing the speed of the infill - maybe your extruder or hot end isn't able to deliver plastic at the rate required for the speed of your infill, which means a thinner bit of plastic gets laid down for the infill, and over many layers it adds up. Do you notice your extruder motor clicking from skipping steps, or grinding filament that won't extrude fast enough? This is what you get if you try to extrude faster than your hot end can melt it (or if your nozzle is either clogged or too close to the bed and can't extrude at the rate it is trying to). You may even just need to tweak your extrusion rate (or speed) so that more plastic gets laid down in the infill area.

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    yeah the single perimeter is for testing.

    make some 2mm tall cubes and see if you get the same result.

    Also - is that the idex printer ? (yes it is)

    is it printing with just the one extruder ?

    If not check the individual extruder offsets.

    But basically run a bunch of small test shapes and see if you get the same results - and if not, check the cad, model carefully - could simply be something in the actual model that's slipped past you :-)

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