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    Capricorn bowden tube clogged. Is it really the filament?


    Is it really the filament?

    Installed brand new Capricorn bowden tube less than two weeks ago. In that short period of time the filament will no longer go through the tube. I keep the filament in a dry box. Has anyone else had problems with this brand of bowden tube.

    I think the problem is the inside diameter of the Capricorn tubing.

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    what printer is it ?
    With some the bowden tube goes all the way to the top of the brass hot end nozzle.
    So you need to make sure it's really pushed in hard, even the slightest gap will cause blockages.

    And have you tried a different filament ?

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    I've found I run into a stuck filament in my Sigma R16 with Capricorn tubing. It's mostly with the cheap spools I bought from Craigslist, which doesn't surprise me in the least. I may have solved the problem by adding a feed sponge to the path and putting a bit of PTFE liquid lubricant on the sponge. I was lucky to get one print completed between clogs in the tube before the modification. I'm on print job ten or more with the same filament and no clogged tubing.

    I'm using 2.85 mm filament and it's a tight fit.

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    I'm merely a lowly Ender 3 v2 owner. I replaced the OEM bowden tube with Capricorn tubing and that is when the problem of filament getting stuck in the tube began. It is new filament and it happened with two different roles. I reinstalled the original OEM tubing and the problem seems to have gone away. We shall see.

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    Yup, same here, Ender 3 V2. Bought some Capricorn tubing and nothing but problems.

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    the problem is most likelt two fold.

    1) capricorn tubing is really tight tolearance, it's it;s point really.

    2) the path of the bowden tube on the creality i3 printers is bloody awful.
    When it's at the left side the angles the filament has to push through are too tight. And without tyhe little slcak you get with standard 2mm internal diameter tubing, the extruder just doesn't have the guts to push the filament round the bends.

    What you need to do is to fit a right sdie z-screw and the move the extruder to sit on top the hotend and convert to direct drive. Then fit a top mounted filament holder. That will solve 90% of ender 3 printing issues.

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    After two failed print jobs (overnight, hours and hours), I yanked the capricorn tubing from that side of my Sigma R16. I've modified mine to put the extruder motors on the top rear, rather than back inside wall. This eliminates the drag of a bowden tube from the spool to the extruder (pull drag). Even though I put stock PTFE tube in its place, the next print job failed as well. I'm using far-too-old PLA that cost me five dollars a kilo from Craigslist, so it may not be entirely the fault of the tubing, at least in my printer.

    I'd love to have a remote direct drive system on my R16, but the Zesty Nimble folks only make 1.75 mm systems and don't reply to my email requests. I'm sure there are enough Sigma IDEX owners willing to spring for dual systems if one existed.

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