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    @curious aardvark thanks for the awesome reply.

    A MAJOR worry I have is that the Facebook group has many many upset users who moan and moan about the poor quality of the Sovol SV01.
    So really concerned.
    Any thoughts?

    EDIT: In a youtube video, a guy was saying everything about the printer said it was a Creality Ender 3.
    He said so many parts were the same. He mentioned the motherboard was the same.
    Any thoughts?

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    yep - it's NOT an ender 3.
    Presumably the video was funded by creality.
    two reasons.
    Dual z axis motors and screws and direct drive extruder. You don't get those from creality.

    And yes, all aluminium extrusion based frame I3 style 3d printrs are made with many of the same parts.
    It's how you put them together that makes the difference.

    Equally you are not paying much money, so what you are buying is a near prusa design (no side support rails for the printbed) I3 and that will ALWAYS be better than a creality design i3.

    But it is very much a budget printer, we did try to makeyou buy something better :-)

    Thirdly, facegroup 3d printer user groups consist mainly of two types of people.
    1) 'I don't care what I bought I will change it all and improve it - often I will do this before ever running it in it's factory configuration !'
    2) I can't make it work - it can't be my fault, therefore the machine MUST be faulty.

    The other type are the few it's worth joining a facebook group to meet. Who can use the machine and understand how to improve or mod it without buying new bits.

    I like to think I'm in the third category.
    My thingiverse collection of mods for the he3d k200 delta, have been downloaded by 1700 people and counting. All printable mods.
    Just think if people actually paid me for things.........

    So it's worth putting up with facebook groups for the occasional person you can actually learn something worthwhile from.

    But of the dirt cheap budget printers around, the sovol 01 is pretty good.
    But it is not an actual prusa or a tenlog - or any other full featured machine for more money.
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    And just because, here's the painted helmet:

    And yes, the beard needs a trim and god knows I need a haircut !
    18 months. Have to get round to booking a slot now we can again.

    I also padded the interior with some foam and leather:

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    @curious aardvark you made me smile.

    OK... I'll stick with the Sovol SV01.
    I actually cancelled the order on Amazon after reading posts on Facebook. But OK to reorder, will be delivered Friday.

    Before I order... the other printers you guys recommended were:

    - Tenlog - can't find price cheaper than £399 on Amazon link you gave.
    - Sapphire Pro - you said this wasn't good for soft plastics?

    Did I miss anything else?


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    The different plastics for use in 3D Printing include: prototyping plastic, rigid opaque plastic, rubber-like plastic, and transparent plastic. Each of those plastics has its own specific characteristics and applications. Prototyping Plastic uses Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers to produce prototypes.

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    you need to use best quality plastic otherwise you can ready to loose your printer.

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