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    Hi, good to see this Creator section on the forum.
    I recently own the Creator 3 and notice it looses WIFI connection after a while during a print job and not coming back on. Even after waking up the display the WIFI does not come back while it is printing a job. Not sure if is related to the display going into sleep mode / protection mode or something else.
    Does anyone experience this as well and or found a solution for it? Because of this i loose my camera stream as well as progress indication in Flashprint while printing.

    Thanks for your feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muddledsteve View Post
    Having finally battled my way through the dreaded Captcha I'm pleased to join this very useful Forum.

    I found my way here for two reasons
    1. The 'blue light' had gone out after an accidental 'Factory Reset' and there's no option on the printer to turn it back on again and
    2. The Z-axis is too 'high' so the adjustment screws need to be almost completely unscrewed to level the bed - again no option for altering the Z axis zero.
    The problem here (and I think it's relevant to many of the problems users are having) is that the bed floats too much and the slightest touch alters the levelling so the print fails.
    I found a solution to this problem through Also shared how to track secret conversations on Facebook.
    Both these problems are solved by downloading Replicator G.
    I'm not allowed to post links so I'll try to fudge
    thingiverse dot com slash thing colon 32084 slash files

    Connect to printer, (you'll have to find the right COM port) then select "Replicator Dual (Sailfish)" as the machine type.
    There's a menu option underneath the "Machine" menu called Onboard preferences.
    On the extreme right of the tabs is 'Lighting'
    There's a checkbox 'Show heating progress by changing the lighting color' which should be ticked.
    Under that is 'Lighting color during idle or printing' Select 'Blue' and that's fixed.

    Opening a GCode window lets you reset the zero on the Z axis to a more sensible level so there's some compression on the bed springs !

    Hope this helps someone else.
    Thank you so much for solving the problem, I already thought I would never get over it. Very helpful post.
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