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    Question Replicator 2x phantom part

    IMG_1488[1].jpgHi there, my Replicator 2x is printing fine but has started printing additional geometry. With every part I print a separate ‘L’ shape of wall is built to the height of my geometry.Can anyone tell me where this has come from and how to get rid of it?Thanks in anticipation , Theo

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    what slicer program do you use? Look for settings in the same area as raft, support, brim, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fred_dot_u View Post
    what slicer program do you use? Look for settings in the same area as raft, support, brim, etc.
    Yes! Thank you, mystery solved. I’m not sure what a ‘Purge Wall’ is for but that was it.
    I am using the Makerbot Desktop app. I’ve never considered using anything else; are there better options?
    Thanks very much for your help

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    Purge walls and equivalent-named features in a slicer is how a multi-material printer clears the nozzle of the previous color or material.

    I'm not familiar enough with your printer to ensure that my suggestions are valid, but Prusa makes a top-notch free slicer program. Many users will have Cura as the slicer, but I have found that I do not particularly enjoy the interface.

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    Hi Fred
    Thank you for the sound advice and information
    Much appreciated
    Kind regards

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    best slicer for a rep 2x is Flashprint.
    On install select: creator pro.

    Sooo much easier and better than the makerbot nonsense :-)

    The only other slicer you could use is simplify3d. But to be honest, for the rep 2x flashprint odes a better job. Also real easy to do dual extrusion.

    Your printer uses x3g files and those are - as far as I know - the only slicers that support x3g.

    The purge wall is for when you are printing with both extruders.
    It ensures that when you change from one extruder to the other that all the plastic is purged (hence the name) from the nozzle not being used. Otherwise it tends to dribble over the print.
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    Hi there, thank you for the advice. It would be great to use a better slicer as I'm finding the Makerbot Desktop a bit limited, I will give Flashprint a try - many thanks

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