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    Virgin multi-room?

    Hi all! What do you think about Virgin multi-room? Have you ever heard about it? Do you think it's worth it or I should consider alternatives? I have a friend that's talking about it, but I need more feedback.

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    Yeah, my brother recommended me the virgin multi room. He said this is useful device)

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    I've been using virgin multi room for two years now and I'm happy with this feature. The fact is that I have a large family and we often quarreled over the time of watching TV. Even though I have three TVs at home, we couldn't solve this problem until I found out about the existence of the virgin multiroom. Thanks to this, I can broadcast the same channels on every TV in the house, so that my wife can watch her favorite TV series at the same time as I watch a football game. By the way, it only costs me a few pounds, so it's really profitable.I think you will enjoy this feature as much as your friend. In any case, I advise you to visit their website and find out all the details.
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