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    3d designs for my website products?

    I want to build 3d designs for my product ( putters. how would I create it or should I have to pay 3dprintboard for printing the designs of my products? Kindly guide me what should I do? Thanks
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    Go to and take the lessons they offer. It's all free.

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    Basicly you ask do I do it myself Having been a design engineer for more than 50 years now into my dotage I think I have been asked this question a million times and I don't think there is an easy answer Chris021 ! It depends on the answers to several questions.
    1 Is it a commercial project ?
    2 How urgent is the project?
    3 do you have the skills and experience to carry out the project alone?
    4 How much do yo value your time ?
    5 Are you prepared to expend the resources to pay a consultancy to realize your project?

    Having answered these questions you will be in a position to decide for yourself which way to go.
    don't under estimate the design time required whether you DIY or contract the job, I think every one has met bad hurried design - at one time China was famous for it like the coffee bot which always made a mess when pouring because the spout was above the lid!!

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