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    Sub $5k printer with high print tolerances?

    Hello,I'm looking for a sub $5k printer with the following features:
    - Tight part tolerance +/-0.005in. I print a mostly mechanical parts, R&D design and engineering. Most parts form assemblies and interface with other components (shafts, machined parts, PCBs, etc...).
    - I print mostly in ABS as I found this to be rigid enough for my applications and can be thread-tapped directly.- Must handle supports well. Either through 2nd extruder or easy to remove support structures.
    - Build volume (8x10x8) or bigger.- Heated bed, enclosed.
    - Minimal maintenance / tuning after initial setup. Tuning and modifying a 3D printer is not a hobby of mine. I need it to perform, and print parts for work.

    My previous printers were:Afinia H800/ UpBox:Overall good experience. Accurate parts. Proprietary software is confusing to use beyond the basic settings. Printer a bit too flimsy and parts started breaking after ~3yrs of on/off use.
    The support structures were surprisingly well done. With solid top support layer, undersides of parts were not cosmetically pretty but were not deformed, no sagging or layer separation.

    Qidi X-Max:Current printer which was supposed to be a replacement for Afinia.Seems well built, like the dual z-axis motor and 4 z-axis guide rails.After 2 months of tuning I still can't get the prints to come out as well as Afinia.

    I've been looking at printers like Raise3D, Intramsys Funmat HT, Makerbot Method, maybe another Afinia...

    Any thoughts or recommendations are welcomed.

    Thank you.
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    parts started breaking after ~3yrs of on/off use.
    that's really good for 3d printed abs.

    I've had pla parts outside for a around 6 years - but they just sit in the english weather and aren't really stressed much.
    Abs doesn't really like being outside.

    But 3 years of actual use from 3d printed abs is pretty impressive.

    As far as large sized enclosed dual extruder machines go.

    There are a few around - not sure how many come in belows $5000 dollars.
    Don't know anything about affinia - looks like they make two printers - neither one is dual extrusion.

    But they do warn you about using abs:
    ARNING: This 3D Printer – when used with a styrene filament (ABS / HIPS / or PC-ABS) – can expose you and others in the same room to styrene, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.
    First time I've seen one of those.

    From a forum users point of view the raise 3d e2 has been thoroughly tested by bikeracer 2020.
    Who also had a flashforge creator 3 and had problems with it.

    It's good spec IDEX printer, a decent price and an impressive build volume: 13×9.4×9.4 inch | 330×240×240
    It also has a hotend that runs up 300c.

    Worth a look on your part.

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    I've only printed PLA up to now so can't comment on any other filament.

    I'm very happy with my E2 but please be aware that if you're outside the USA any support required will often be referred back to your reseller. I'm in the UK and purchased mine from 3DGBIRE and their after sales support is outstanding.

    Raise3D forum here if you want to ask anyone there........
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