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    New - can't get started.

    Hi can someone help please, I am new to 3D printing & to this forum. The printer is set up but not sticking to the base so failing at the starting point. Its a Labists. OOL

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    Are you saying that the print isn't sticking to the build plate? Your nozzle might be too far from your build plate. Try leveling your build plate.

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    Hi Thanks for the reply, Yes that's correct. Its self leveling but I will try to lower it. Is there a way to stop the print head from moving while I adjust it? Should the base plate by luke warm , warm or hot to the touch? Also the PLA material comes out very curly & not straight from the print head is that normal?

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    well labists sell two printers an et4 and a mini x1.
    Both look to have bed levelling knobs - so you should be good there.
    The onbly one with 'auto-levelling' is the et4 - so well assume that's the thing you have.

    If the filament comes out curly, it usually means it's not hot enough or it's being extruded too fast.

    Okay looking at the machine it appears to be a pretty standard ender 3 design.
    So if you look up 'help with and how to' videos for ender 3 (and there are millions) - most should be relevant, to one degree or another.

    Lets get this clear:
    Auto bed levelling does NOT level a bed.

    It simply maps the bed topographically and allows for beds that are not perfectly flat (ie: the manfacturers can use thinner and cheaper surfaces).
    You still need to actually level the bed using teh levelling knobs at each corner.

    This actually means that you determine how far from the bed the printhead is when you start printing.

    Remove filament from the nozzle - heat it first :-)
    Heat the nozzle to 200c (it's an arbitrary number but as it's what you should be printing most pla at - a good number to pick)
    Get a sheet of printer paper - 80-90gsm works best, rip a piece off about 3 inches square.

    From the control panel Home the z axis.
    This 'Should' put the nozzle as close to the bed as it can get.

    Sometimes the firmware will home and then move the nead up a bit - this is just to piss people off and has no real purpose.
    You might need to select bed levelling from the control panel to get an unadjusted home - or possibly use something like repetier to communicate with the printer from a connected computer and use the bed levelling wizard from that.
    Unfortunately with so many machines and types og firmware and controlling software around - I cannot say what you printer does, without being there or you actually telling us :-)
    For the purpose of this post we'll assume it has homed with no post-homing adjustment.

    move the nozzle above one of the knobs (it should move easily just using your hand). slide the paper between the nozzle and the bed.
    If the paper won't fit, turn the levelling knob anti clockwise (you thumb moves from left to right).
    When you can slide the paper between the bed and the nozzle with a little resistance. Stop

    If the paper slides easily under the nozzle, turn the knob clockwise (thumb moves from right to left).
    Until the paper slides between the nozzle and the bed with a little resistance.

    Repeat this above all 4 levelling knobs.

    Then do it all again - you will be surprised to find that it's changed and you will need to do each knob again :-)

    Repeat until the paper slides with a little resistance at all 4 positions.

    Then move the nozzle to the centre of the build plate.

    If the paper slides with the same resistance as at the corners - congratulations you probably have an actual physically level bed and the auto levelling is not needed.

    If, on the other hand, the paper either sticks and won't slide or slides with no resistance. You will need to run the autolevel as your bed is NOT physically flat and will need to be topographically mapped.

    The whole levelling process takes a couple of minutes once you've done it a couple of times.

    And is one of the most important skills the home 3d printer owner needs to master :-)

    For future questions please give as much information as possible. You cannotgive us toomuch information, but people frequently give far too little.
    And good luck !
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    Hi Thank you, that gives me quite a bit to go on. Its the ET4 model, I also adjusted the sensor on the print head as it was hitting the print plate. Should I try adjusting that a little at the corners first or middle?

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    I found a slight dip in my Ender 3Pro bed. I put a square of thin vellum paper under the mat to raise the center a little.

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    Success! We got it working & printed fine.Thanks again for your help on the forum, the bed leveling & print head was the issue. OOL.

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    Question on PLA or ABS for ET4 printer. What is the best to use PLA or ABS. Any brands recommended or to stay away from?

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    I am not familiar with that Printer but the most vital think with all is that the bed is level and the distance between the bed and nozel is correct. Might I suggest that you look on youtube for videos on your printer and bed levelling. Make sure the bed is level and correct before you start using bed adhesive

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    Quote Originally Posted by OOL View Post
    Question on PLA or ABS for ET4 printer. What is the best to use PLA or ABS. Any brands recommended or to stay away from?
    Stay with PLA until you get the hang of printing. With ABS you need/should use a VENTED enclosure to outside.

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