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    Getting Mod-t to work these days

    My school was given a Mod-t 3d printer. (I am a STEM HS teacher.)
    After a lot of research, I found
    -- an ini file that Cusa could read
    -- the Mod-t printer utility
    -- the printer utility firmware update 0.9.0

    The printer utility doesn't connect to the printer, however. Nor do I see a way to get the utility to read the firmware update.

    Is there any way to get this functioning?

    With appreciation for any help,


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    There are options...

    We ended up contacting friends who work in a local public school with decent funding. They had older 3d printers that they were no longer using (they had upgraded) and donated them. We were given 2 Flashforge Dreamers. These are great, far better than I could have imagined getting otherwise.

    Another option would be a crowdfunding project (gofundme, etc.); with a decent video from your students (or teachers) explaining the interest and need, you should easily be able to raise the amount needed. (The machines we were given currently retail for $390 new and might be available used.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by HGilbert View Post
    No; I gave up.
    Too bad, I hope you'll pull yourself together!

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    Yeah a printer that runs off cloud software is useless when the company goes under and the cloud blows away.

    You'd probably need to use a generic motherboard and standard firmware to get it running again.

    The dreamers are nice machines, glad you got something running now :-)

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