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    Flash Forge Finder - Motherboard?

    I have a FlashForge Finder and the motherboard shorted out. Unfortunately, it seems there may be multiple shorts as removing the single resistor which seemed to be the issue did not fix anything (or, the resistor was vital), and the printer still won't turn on anymore.

    I have never really tried the online forums for 3d printing - is there anywhere online where its possible to buy perhaps used parts or something? A new motherboard is $200+ on the FlashForge website, so I might as well just buy a whole new unit if it comes down to that. Mechanically, everything is sound though, so I'd rather not buy a new one and have to get rid of a perfectly good printer.

    Thank you in advance to any help!

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    got a picture of the current board ?
    useful toi know what it actually is so we can recommend compatible parts.

    It's a fairly standard machine so no reason a 3rd party board won't work fine.

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    There are a lot of components that make up the electrical architecture of your printer. There is the mainboard. There is also a power supply, a display screen, heaters, motors, fans, and harnesses/ribbons. We can not forget the harnesses in our robots because these wires move with every motion of the printer and so they are prone to flex, fatigue, and failure. Unfortunately I am not familiar with this resistor you said you removed. Pictures of this resistor and where it goes in the printer might help us to better understand your plight. Unfortunately for you that flashforge uses these ribbons to goto the screen and to goto the extruder and so without re-inventing your printer you are pretty much at the mercy of flashforge if you want to fix it. Buy that mainboard. But maybe pay for it with a credit card or paypal so you can force returning it if it doesnt fix your printer. And in the future maybe you might want to consider something a bit more open source so you can buy and easily install that newest generation mainboard for under $50 shipped and in 12 different flavors.
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