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    Flashforge Creator Pro - Layer Problem

    Hi, I have been printing for a few years now but I am still rather a novice. Recently I came across an issue I am struggling with. I am using a Flashforge Creator Pro with Flashprint. Despite levelling the bed, the printer won't print more than one usually, maybe two layers. Any help with pointing me towards possible causes would be greatly appreciated.

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    Is your Flashprint up to date?
    I only had that behaviour with a very old version.
    Not sure if it works for you but give it a try:
    Slice your model really thick, like 0.25mm layers.
    If that still only results in just one or two layers:
    Are you using Wifi to print? If so reboot your modem/router and check if it helps.
    Sometimes these things just stuff up.

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    Hi Downunder, thank you for replying. It happens with the most to date Flashprint and I have tried using earlier versions. I just print with the SD card so there is no issues with routers etc. Trying to increase the thickness of layers does not seem to make much difference. Closely watching the last print it is like the bed is not lowering for each layer and each subsequent one destroying/melting the previous. The bed is then physically being pushed down and bouncing back as it attempts each new layer. The bed moves fine though when levelling and setting up.

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    Did you check the Gcode for layer changes?
    If Flashprint messed it up then you should not find too many Z moves.

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    Thanks down under, never checked the gcode. To be honest, not sure how. Is there recommended software I need?

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    No clue what happened to my reply, it just vanished....
    Ok, let's try it again....

    Use Notepad++ - free and a great editor with good search and replace functions.
    Made a small and simple cube and slice it.
    Open the gcode file with Notpad++ and scroll through to find the Z moves or if commented just just look for the comment for the layer change.
    Flashprint should create code with comments like this:
    The ; means it is a comment and you can search for ;layer and skip through to check the values.
    If you sliced with 20 odd layers and only find a few layer changes in the code you have a problem with Flashprint or your STL files are somehow bad.
    The layer comment should always go up the same amount as your set layer height.
    If it does not, check if you accidentally activated the variable layer height feature for some part and it still sits there instead of using a lixed layer height.
    Same for the new feature of cutting your print job into different parts, sometimes flashprint forgets the setting should be refreshed and a new part is not sliced fully - you would see that in the preview window as parts being too short in height or just having a slice of the whole.

    If you do have all the layer change commands present then try to print a simple cube with little infill at a layer height of 0.27mm.
    Might be a bit of a hassle but try too keep a finger on the z axis threaded rod.
    If the layers won't change but you feel a "bump" in the rod every time the layer should change it could be that your motor current is too low.
    Or, if all manual movements work fine that you try to move your z-axis way too fast - try a value around 15mm/s if you have anything above 20 sitting there.

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    Thanks again for replying Downunder. I will see what I can sort out over weekend with it. I noticed that as Flashprint exports .x3g files, do I need to do anything to let notepad++ read it? I'll keep playing with that though. I have noticed that it won't print the basic test cube file that came with the printer, which it has managed to do several times in the past, so it may not be an issue with the print files and as you say may be a mechanical issue.

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