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    Desktop laser SLA machine with adjustable parameters?

    I have been using the Formlabs Form 2 and Form 1+ SLA machines but favour the Form 1+ since it has been unlocked, which provides the ability to adjust parameters i.e. scan speed, line spacing, laser power, z-offset and other scanning parameters. However, the Form 1+ is no longer supported by the manufacturer and replacement consumables (build platforms and resin trays) are no longer available. Can anyone recommend a desktop SLA machine with the ability to adjust the above parameters, specifically z-offset, scan speed and line spacing please? (The ability to adjust other parameters e.g. laser power and scan pattern, would also be of benefit)

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    I think the Peopoly Moai will do what you ask. There also are many MLSA printers that can do most of it.
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    Thanks jamculture, the Peopoly Moai look's interesting and similar to the Form 1+.

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