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    I said Printed plastic and no you wouldn't laser engrave a printed part unless you just hit your head or were otherwise having problems with your ability to think logically. I mean you would design your part to print the way you wanted it in the first place. Multi purpose is cool but it is better with a changeable toolhead so you aren't slinging around all that weight. The way that machine is configured it isn't the best of both worlds but rather it is more like a jack of all trades that is a master of none. If it were setup so that the hotend were removed for laser engraving and vice versa then the X carriage can be A LOT smaller and you can have a bigger build envelope with the same footprint or external dimensions of your rig. I mean having the 2 fixed together is cool only if they can work together on the same project but two completely separate things that together hurt each other's individual performance hard linked like that is just inefficient at it's absolute best. I mean from an engineering point of view.
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