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    Think you want a BIBO? Read this first!

    I got the dual extruder with laser model from amazon. When i opened the carton a long sharp pointed wire was slipped in the hollow of the corregation of the box flap. I pulled the two sides open and the pointed wire flicker d out and stabbed me in the broke the skn, it bled. This wire rod ground to a sharp point bibo tells me it is for clearing the nozzle tells me the packaging method to cause this dangerous rod poised to fly out in your face is checked by amazon and is approved by amazon! Good thing it did not stab me in the eye. I do worry that because the package comes from china that i may have been contaminated or infected with something. I sent the package to the US CDC for investigation. And so far, amazon refuses to refund me the 700 bucks! The CDC will not return it to me even if i did want it back".....So.....I am OUT 700 bucks and have a swollen lip

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    umm, does the printer work ?

    Your issues with packaging are not relevant to this forum, have you used the printer.
    Or were you so indignant that you haven't bothered to try it ?

    I can't see any grounds for a refund, unless the prjnter doesn;t actually work.

    And why would you stabbing youself HAVE any bearing on whether the printer works or not ?
    That's pretty much the only thing that will get you a refund from china.

    On a positive note (lol) I've never recieved a nozzle unclogger with any printer.
    So from my point of view, that would be a point in bibo's favour.

    So is there any issue with the actual printer - or are you just too indignant to even try it ?

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    never received a unclogger? creality sends one- with the CR10--a .4 mm on a handle--WITH A PROTECTIVE CAP ON IT!
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    PERHAPS--the post was not read or understood --when opening the carton--the harpoon was slid into the open corrugation of one side- one flap of the carton--after running a box knife across the tape--the 2 flaps were pulled open--and the harpoon flew out--flicked out and stabbed me--added value of a BIBOa trip to get a tetanus shot

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    curious--are you chinese? or a shill of some kind for china or BIBO?

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    yeah - but then you have to buy a creality....

    Just saying, it's not that usual.
    Or grounds to send a printer back that we don't even know was actually removed from the box.

    If all you have is that you managed to open the box in such a way that you stabbed yourself.
    Then you have no grounds to actually go around bad mouthing bibo printers.

    did you even try it ?

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    indignant? no pal i was bleedingi did not disturb the contents of the carton- i got a return authorization from amazon as soon as I got back from the E.R.

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    "managed to open the box in a way to stab myself"

    yeah--this person is chinese for sure

    enough shilling for me

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    Even covid can't survive the length of time it takes anything to travel from china.

    Are you saying you sent the ENTIRE printer box -with printer still inside to the cdc ?
    Did they ask you to ?
    If not then you've just given yoyur printer away - and have even less grounds to claim a refund.

    Am i A shill for china ?
    Umm, no lol

    Look at it from a purely logical point of view of someone who is not you.

    You recieved a printer, stabbed yourself with a nozzle clogger. Then threw a hissy fit and gave the printer away and now want your money back.

    Clearly nobody else has stabbed themselves in this manner, or it would have been a known issue and you'd find it all over the internet.

    Bibo have a good name in the industry for making decent machines and giving decent customer service.

    This is a 3d printing forum - not a public halth forum or a platform for people with a personal grievance unrelated to the actual function of a 3d printer.

    Had you kept the box and managed to replicate what happened and make a video - then perhaps you might have received some compensation for proving the packaging was dangerous.

    But it still would not reflect on the actual printer.

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    wow- some clowns think they are expertsabout COVID TOO!AAAaaHhahahaha

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