Hey Folks! I got a small problem here. Got my Anycubic Mega S like two weeks ago, started using the standard settings in Cura and got some OK prints. Two days ago I started to print a more functional part: about 200x30x5mm in dimensions and got some weird effects. So I started to follow some tweaks and calibrations i found online.My Problem so far: at the very same line at that part, no matter wether I set the quality to low, high or medium, I get some droplets connected with a thin line of filament, see picture. Of course the adherence now is bad and the filament is getting dragged around, or the print is just messy.What I tried so far: - Installed Marlin on it- calibrated the extruder- levelled the bed multiple times, and printed some leveling tests, which come out OK- reduced the printing speed, tried different temps 190-210°C, tried some settings I found online- changed the nozzle, thought I had an underextrusion related problem- resetted everything and did it again- added some glue/water mixture for better adehrence- tried other prints, they are working fine, though there is room for improvementsNow I dont really now how to continue, any tips from your side?And excuse the bad picture quality .... Gotta print me a new Phone soon!https://ibb.co/pW4JQWMEdit: Why is the format getting messed up like this?