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    So I just bought a new heat box which came with a new hot end and nozzle and I do not hear any clicking I noticed this when I was doing the temp tower I could not do it as the filament did not come out fast enough

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    Are yopu still able to help me??????

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    Print something small and post an image. Or post a photo of your temp tower
    post your slicer name and slicer settings.
    Nozzle size, Layer Height, Hot-end Temp, Bed Temp, Print speed nozzle height above the bed at 1st layer.

    Please note the actual hotend temperature during printing, do you have a parts cooling fan running and at what speed.

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    my fan i have turned off and i use cura as my slicer and i have a .4 nozzle size i will run my temp tower tommrow

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    Check the XYZ axis

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    i have found some people at school that are going to fix but thanks so much for all your help i have learned alot from you Thxs!!!

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