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    Flashforge guider II s: poor layer adhesion

    I have my guider II for a few months now and it was performing very well.Recently I upgraded flashprint from version 3.25.1 to V 4.4.0V 3.25.1 "refused" to produce gcode for tree-supports, V4.4.0 solves that issue.But right about that time I get poor layer adhesion.I can just pinch a finger jail right through the layers, or the layers would rather break in stead of the support breaking off.Did a small test print (17 cm, vegetable reproduction), perfect.Printing some small tools, 1 cm high, same problem again.Printing in PLAsettings:Resolution: StandardLayer Height: 0.18First Layer Height: 0.27Shells: perimeter: 2Infill: Density: 25%, Pattern: TrianglePrint speed: 60 mm/sExtruder temp: 225°CI moved to Triangle pattern because I noticed the hexagon pattern faded away to straight lines after X layers.Density increaded to 25% (originaly 15%), but with no improvement.I can hear the extruder motor skipping during printing regularly.That would suggest not enough filament is going through the hot end, but then again I got excellent prints for months,and that behavior is there from day 1.

    Example of a good print:

    Example of bad print:
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