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    Print quality, what am I doing wrong

    I was wondering if someone could assist.
    I have an Ender 3v2 and today have done my first print from the stl file and used a new filament from Print-me.
    I sliced the print using Cura (i used the same profile as Ender 3 pro), set the bed temp to 60 degrees, nozzle to 200, converted all to gcode and started printing. This is what started coming out:
    Can you advise why it is so uneven and it is not printing all the way to the holes, but leaves a gap?

    Thanks in advance

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    Is it just 1 layer?
    If yes,then you need to increase a bit the distance of the nozzle with the bed.
    Also experiment a bit with the temps of the filament.
    There is a setting about how much the infill overlays the outer layers.Check that to see if you can close the gaps.

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    for a first print it looks pretty good :-)
    Most of my first prints looked like balls of spaghetti :-)

    there doesn't look like anything there that messing about with slicer settings won't fix.

    Also stock cura is horrible - go download the prusa slicer, easier to use and easier to change options. And no doubt lots of ender proifiles around for it
    Now i know that reading manuals is not the current 'done thing'. But the more you learn about how 3d printers work - the easier they are to use.
    If you're one of the modern generation who can't read well - there are no doubt lots of how to use prusaslicer' videos on youtube.
    Me I'd rather read a manual than watch a video.
    But each to their own :-)
    Either way, the more you learn the more you'll understand what causes a particular problem and how to fix it.
    But gotta say that's a pretty decent looking print.
    And don't expect 3d printed parts to look like injection moulded parts - they aren't and they won't :-)

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    Just needs a little tweaking. I agree that you might want to try Prusa Slicer. I would start with a hotter first layter height and a little higher nozzle? Keep tweaking, you are close! Good luck and keep at it.

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