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    Wondering about my hi-temp extruder that came with QIDI printer for ABS

    Question, does the Hi-Temp extruder that came with my QIDI printer for printing with ABS also work for PLA, or do I have to change back and forth when using those differing materials? Also what do the clicking noises mean coming from my extruder on some prints?Newby Dave

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    clicking noises usually mean that you are printing too fast or not hot enough. Or there is too much friction in tghe filament feed setup.
    It's basically cluicking because it can't feed the filament.
    With the replicator clones it's usually because yoiu are trying to print too fast.
    Great design machine - but fast it is not :-)

    A hi-temp nozzle should work for all filaments. The only reason i can think of for them giving you 2 hotends is so you could have 2 different sized nozzles.

    It always seemd a bit weird to me :-)

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    I've had communications with QidiTech regarding my X-Max which ships with a standard head and a high temperature head. The tech support suggests using the standard head for non-high temperature filament such as ABS, PLA, PETG and the high-temp for nylon and other exotics. I suspect that the difference might be a PTFE liner inside the standard head that is not in the high-temp. I've read that all-metal hot ends do not fare well with PLA, but I can't remember why.

    What model Qidi printer do you have?

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    friction maybe ?
    pla does stick to metal quite well once it's warmed up.

    But given the number of people who upgrade to all metal hotends - there can't be that big an issue.
    I don't have any all metal hotends yet.

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