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    Supports still an issue

    This is a follow-up to my previous post that no one ever responded to.
    I need help with my support settings or is there a way to control how they are created.
    I'm using a Tronxy XY printer and Repetier slicer.
    The pics are of my latest attempt. It's my daughter's design. There is a partial curved wall on each side. The model prints flat on it's back. I use supports but only on print bed because I don't want supports to be generated inside the bottom compartment. The one side supports are thin - like posts - that hold up well and are easy to remove. The other side support is an almost solid wall. I have trouble getting it to stick to the bed and even when it does that side does not print properly.
    You can see in the screen shots how the supports look in the slicer. It doesn't matter if I rotate the part on the bed - the thick supports stay on the same side - not rotating with the part.
    I also attached a screen shot of my support settings.
    I really hoping someone can help me out here.
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