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    MP10 Mini

    Does anyone know if the Monoprice MP10 Mini is a good setup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TreeTolber View Post
    Does anyone know if the Monoprice MP10 Mini is a good setup?
    I've been really happy with both my MP10 and MP10 Mini. They're effectively the same printer and use the vast majority of same parts, only the MP10 has a notably larger frame and print bed. I heard the supplied plastic extruder can be a little sketchy (lacking in pressure causing gear slipping on long prints etc.) so I swapped it out for a left handed metal version on day one, and both my printers work flawlessly with zero filament skipping. They produce really nice print results, sometimes better than my Prusa (depends on settings and type of item to be printed) and it's so nice to have the majority of immensely useful features than I originally bought my Purse MK3 for: magnetic spring steel sheet, auto levelling, filament our sensor. And the transformer and electrics seem good to and it heats up the nozzle and bed simultaneously and quite quickly.

    The original bed material is fantastic and better than the Prusa PEI sheet in my opinion. PET and flex filaments stick really nicely, and I use a thin layer of glue stick for PLA and other less sticky filaments which is easy to clean off. I remove the spring steel sheet from the magnetic bed as soon as printing is done and let it cool down for 5 mins before flexing the sheet, peeling off the filament purge line and skirt and it's generally ready to go again. I've been printing for hundreds and hundreds of hours and my print sheets still look pretty much new.

    I installed a Capricorn Bowden tube and ran it with cable ties along the outside of the wire/cable run, which gives the wires more strength and stops them flopping about under movement. I check the bed is still level manually - with a post it note under the nozzle every couple weeks or so - and keep a record of the most suitable Z axis height for various filament types such as PLA, ABS, PETG and TPU (live Z is adjustable on the fly). It comes with a silicon sock fitted to the heat block, which is great for keeping the nozzle clean. I just use a pair of tweezers to pull any stray blobs of filament off the nozzle when it's hot just before it starts printing and it just prints and prints. Really pleased with both machines.

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    My only objection would be the bowden extruder setup.
    You will struggle with the softer flexible materials.

    Without a direct drive extruder - flexibles are tricky.
    I have printed them on my delta - with a bowden. But quality is not ideal and the print speed is glacial.
    For original ninjaflex I believ I went down to 4mm/s

    And my delta has a shorter and better positioned bowden tube than any of the bowden style I3's.

    Other than that - decent looking machines.

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    Print speeds with TPU are acceptable imho. I can get away with a 3 hour print at approx. 10mm/s to 15mm/s whereas my Prusa MK3S (twin gear, direct drive) achieves 20-25mm/s. But the quality achieved is pretty similar with the Prusa being only slightly better, which I'd expect given it cost 3 times the price.

    Of all the bowden 3D printers I've owned the MP10 has proved to be the most reliable.

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    cool - always good to have experienced users opinions :-)

    Generally speaking monoprice machines (which are always made by someone else and rebadged) are decent bits of kit.
    Wanhao and flashforge are among the people they but their machines from - so they're not going for the cheapest or lowest quality suppliers - far from it.
    And the machine I do 90% of my current printing with - at least until the sapphire pro is finished being modded and the i3 has it's new board and screen upgraded - is my he3d k200 delta.
    Over 7km of filament and counting !
    I'm averaging just over 2km a year lol

    I'm hoping the sapphire pro will take over a lot of the repetitive stuff I make to sell and I can get my delta back for my personal projects.
    By rights the corexy design of the sapphire ought to be as quick as the delta. Particularly with the new gantry I made to optimise the extruder
    But until I can get the bed level bolts soldered into place so that the levelling nuts actually work - it's going nowhere.

    And yeah, even on my rep pro clone - 20-30mm/s is as fast as I print flexibles.

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    I can find the Capricorn tubing, but I am looking for a better Extruder. What are your recommendations? Thank You in advance. I have had my MP10 mini for about 1 1/2 weeks and I am very happy with the results.

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