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    Extruder Clicking - FF Creator Pro

    Hello! I own a FlashForge Creator Pro. One of the extruders clicks and does not feed filament thru it. I changed the stepper motor and still the same issue. When I reverse the extruder power cables, the problem duplicates to the other extruder and the other one operates OK. Could this be a bad motherboard? I hate to shotgun parts, especially since the MP is pricey? If it is in fact the MB, who has the best $$ for one? Thanks in advance.

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    sounds like the stepper motor driver might be buggered.

    Easy way to chek (as long as they are not soldered to the board) swap stepper drivers over and see if that changes anything.

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    I contacted Flash Forge via e-mail, and Tang suggested replacing the stepper motor cable. He was correct - after replacing the cable, I found a small break on one of the leads coming out of the connector that plugs into the motor. I'm glad he suggested this, as i was going to replace the main board. Saved me $$.

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