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    Using PETG with X-Plus white side of build surface


    After destroying 2 bed surfaces by printing PETG on the white side with a bed temp of 80 degrees C (could not get the model off-ripped the white sticker), I dialed the bed temp back to 30 degrees C and I was able to get a fairly simple release.

    Does anyone else use the white side of the build surface for PETG?

    If so, what are your settings?

    Are there any issues with printing PETG with a near ambient bed temp?

    I tried using the smooth side - but even up to 90 degrees C with or without glue, but I could not get the model to stick.

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    I use the white side with PETG but I alway coat the bed with a glue stick and haven’t had a problem removing the print. I use the default PETG settings from the QiDi slicer.

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    The Qidi flexible build surface is great till the white side starts to bubble and lift, happens faster when printing high temps for long periods.
    I ditched it and went with a bosciliarite glass bed, always use Dimaflex adhesive and have never looked back.

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