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    Resin warping on Creality LD-002R (big flat piece)

    Hi there! Maybe some of you long resin gurus will know why am i getting such bad warping on my prints, I will attach pictures below of how my settings look and my orientation and how and where it bends.

    eager to learn and fix this as its deiving me crazy!

    I tried different exposure , lift speeds , support offset , several other support options (adding more as you can see there are plenty) Every time warping happen on first 15-20%
    I tried removing supports and curing, curing with supports, curing in cold water, like everything

    I am using chitubox

    Resin I tried was Prima creator light gray and anycubic standard gray. both have same results

    supports.jpgwarp line.jpgwarp1.jpgwarp2.jpgchitu settings.jpg
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    Hi Ronin, I just came across your thread and was wondering if you had any success with preventing the warping? I just bought a QIDI Tech S-Box SLA printer, and my first print was the bottom-half of a PCB enclosure. During curing it ended up warping in several directions (on several planes). I was just using basic resin from AnyCubic. I do have some Elegoo ABS-like resin I was thinking about trying, but I'm not familiar with adjusting settings on the printer just yet. I'm using CHITUBOX for my slicing tool as well. Hope you've had some success. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps using a filament printer may not have been a better choice for the type of prints I'm trying to do.

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