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    Creator 3 supports problem

    I have no problem printing from either extruder, however when I try to print something using one extruder for the print and the other for supports I get severe layer shift.
    See pics. This printer is only three weeks old and I really like it apart from the layer shift using supports

    Just wondered if anyone has had similar issues?

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    have you calibrated the printheads ?

    Not sure how you do that on an idex.

    with the standard dual nozzles it's very much like an inkjet calibration.
    Each ehad prints a series of lines and you pick the ones that line up best.
    Then repeat till it's bang on.

    I would think there has to be a similiar process with idex machines.

    My only issue with flashprint is that there is no place for using starting (or any) gcode. Otherwise you could simply create your own offsets.

    There might be something hidden in the firmware that you access via the control panel.

    Have you done any two colour prints ?
    the traffic cone is a good test print as it's pretty small and quick:

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    Done the calibration twice just to check, X-axis and Y-axis line up spot on. There is a two coloured square file included and that prints okay.
    When i move the extruder gantry gently without power backwards and forwards in the Y-axis it feels a bit sticky and jerky, more so pushing it back than pulling it forewards.
    Sent files to Technology outlet and they say the files print okay at their end, so I assume it's a problem with my machine.
    Any way it's going back to Technology Outlet today.

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