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    Silhoutte 3D Software questions

    Hey guys,

    I came across a 3D printer designed for the the crafty people called Silhoutte Alta.

    It comes with a suite of design apps which appear to be pretty good for doing tricky stuff.. very easy.

    Silhoutte Studio for pulling apart an image for outlines and internals for details and
    Silhoutte 3D for manipulating, slicing and printing.

    It has this epic feature where you import a 2D image and it asks the import profile. You can select Cookie Cutter and it automatically creates a thicker base, with the outline of the cookie and the end is tapererd or filleted.

    See images below.

    Problem I have is that it saves the file as a .s3d

    I want to be able to create the cookie cutter, convert to .stl and then print through Flashprint on my Adventurer 3.

    The Silhoutte program only supports the Alta. I don't want to buy the Alta.

    Has anyone come across this, or know how to successfully convert the file types?


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    sounds interesting - I'll have a look.
    The printer is a fairly basic mini delta.
    Doesn't even look like it's even got a heated bed.

    So no, you really don't want to buy it :-)

    5 minutes later........

    yeah well the 64 bit windows 10 machine that I've been messing about with autocad 2018 - 2021 on today.

    Is the only machine I can install the silhouette software on and it says: your graphics drivers are out of date.
    Really ? That machine had the latest windows 10 pro put on it last week and every freaking update (you do it once then shut updates off forever !).
    So if there's one thing I am certain of - it's that the drivers are absolutely up to date.

    And that's all she wrote - can't help if I can't run the program :-(
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    I installed all the apps required on a Mac.. worked perfectly first time.

    Yeah, I won't be buying this machine. I have the Adventurer 3 and whilst it's not the best printer out there, I am pretty happy with the cookie embossers I can create with it. BUT I love the simple import feature that this program has and how it adds the sharp edge to the design. I have no idea how I could even do that in other programs. I am using Matter Control to do my designs and flashprint to print to my printer. I can't find another program that will print to the Adventurer for free.

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    well just built a new machine for a client - so I'll try it on that one as well :-)

    worth finding out as I'll be upgrading my work machine soon anyway.

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